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Dr Talmo replaced one hip in 2016, the other in 2019. He is incredible! No range of motion restrictions, uses the most cutting-edge implants and modern techniques. His manner is kind and direct. He said "it is all brand new, do whatever you want for the next 50 years" In 2 months I forgot it ever happened! Went back to hiking and biking. It has been 3 weeks since my second hip, I can already walk without a cane or pain. Dr Talmo is a master surgeon, only God himself could be better!
Robert M. in Amherst, MA – Feb 27, 2019
Total knee replacement November 1st. Doing great today makes 4 weeks out. Flexion 120° extension -5 degrees. Pt says this great. I can ride an exercise bike for 10 mins. I was not able to ride at all before surgery. It's not an easy surgery and yes there is a lot of pain and swelling. Listen to the professionals and do what they say. Dr Talmo's office is great! They get right back to you when you call or they know the answer the 1st time around. Great people. Best Hospital experience I have ever had!!
Tammy N. – December 2018
I am two days out from a right TKR with Dr. Talmo. I was able to go home day after surgery on crutches. Was bone on bone for 7 years and functioning reasonably well, and Dr. Talmo advised that I should wait a bit. Past year the pain and functioning got worse, and we agreed that it was time. He explained the process very well, stopped in for about 5 minutes to discuss the surgery, and stopped in on Saturday to check on me. Nurses, aides, PT and OT all great. collaborative effort.
Bob P. in Newton , MA – Aug 26, 2018
Dr Talmo and his staff were awesome from pre op to surgery to post op he and his team are the best had hip replacement 3 weeks already walking without crutches I never felt more confident with a doctor in my life, great guy and the best at what he does!!
Ray M. in Rowley mass – Dec 08, 2017
Dr Talmo saved my RT leg from being amputated! I had a MRSA infection that spread to my artificial knee, which already had 2 revisions. My local Doctors were going to amputate but Dr. Talmo agreed to take me and to make a long story short he did another revision with a medicated cement spacer and saved my leg, Thanks Dr Talmo
Michael W. in Clarksburg, MA – Mar 27, 2016
He's a rock star! Could not be happier with Dr. Talmo. He replaced my left hip in an outpatient procedure at a Salem, NH surgical center -- spinal and sedative, no general anesthesia. Initial consultation was informative and Dr. Talmo is a good listener, laying out the options and what to expect. His office is responsive and helpful with scheduling and procedures. The surgery and recovery were amazingly easy, as Dr. Talmo thought they would be. Surgery on Monday started at 9am, walking with crutches at 11:30, out the door at 12:30. By Saturday I was able to walk a mile and a half with a cane. Back at work, cane-free, two weeks after surgery, and my co-workers all wanted my doctor's name. Never needed pain meds stronger than Tylenol. Now six weeks out, all swelling is gone and there's nothing other than the thin scar to remind me I ever had surgery.
Self-verified patient of Dr. Carl T Talmo - June 11th, 2019
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